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Billy Johnson


One of a Kind Lamps

GEN 1:3

And God Said 

"Let there be light"


Lamp Design

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Pick an idea for a lamp. It can be anything from antique to modern. 

Send me your lamp ideas.


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What I do is unique. 
Options are limitless.


We make you a lamp of your liking and call it yours.



Lights in the Dark
Abstract Lights


Retired from an interesting and creative job as a business development manager where I designed and sold electronic communications equipment for military and medical use (including a voice amplifier for use with biochem suits), I found myself bored and missing the  creative side of my previous work.  Then, I saw the light- literally!  I saw a lamp made from a vintage phone, decided to try to make one and was hooked.  Now I have created dozens of one of a kind lamps from everyday and vintage items, specializing in unique ways to turn them on and off.  

After over 45 years of working with agencies like NCIS, FBI, Navy BUMED, US Customs/ICE, and various SWAT and National Guard teams across the US, I am excited to design and create specialized lamps from my home workshop in Lincoln, Nebraska, and exploring second hand stores, garage sales, flea markets, and auctions for inspiration and parts.  

Experience the nostalgia as you scroll through some of my creations ready for your home, man-cave, she-shack, office or wherever.  Guaranteed to make you smile, they will be a unique gift or conversation piece.

Don't see what you want or have an idea?  Email me at  

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